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LG Customer Care WhatsApp Number

Welcome to LG Customer Care via WhatsApp! Call our dedicated hotline at +91 90436 57070 for prompt and convenient support with your LG products. Our team at IQFix is available to give complete customer service, answering your questions, debugging problems, and delivering solutions that are suited to your specific requirements.


Why choose LG Customer Care on WhatsApp?

Convenience: Use WhatsApp to chat with us at any time and from any location.

 Prompt Responses: Our professional support team will respond quickly and efficiently.

 Expert Guidance: Get expert advice and answers for all LG product-related issues.

Receive individualized assistance based on your specific needs.

Connect with us easily using WhatsApp for a hassle-free experience.

Whether you need assistance setting up your LG smartphone, require technical support, or have general questions about our products and services, our WhatsApp customer service is only a message away. Trust IQFix and LG Customer Care to provide excellent support and keep your LG experience easy and pleasurable.

For further information and updates, please visit our website, Join the LG Customer Care WhatsApp Group today!

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LG Dishwasher Service Center Chennai Whatsapp Number: +91 90436 57070


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